• Apr 2018 – Present
    Senior Embedded System Designer/System Architect, at Nerxon, Full-time
    I am currently the head developer/designer and coach for a team, creating GNSS products at Nerxon. Nerxon has years of experience in GNSS products business, and I helped designing, implementing and mass production of brand-new product line concerning GPS receivers. They were all for first time to appear in Nerxon, including:

    • GNSS receiver; 572 channels; Battery-powered; Includes Android App; fully operative
    • Hand-held GPS receiver; battery powered; pre-production
    • Laser meter (range finder); in research and first demo
    • Up to 10-layer HDI board used
    • STM32MP157 based Linux board; also i.Mx6 base board experiment for Linux subsystem
    • STM32H7 system controller and computer
  • Mar 2018 – Present
    Senior Embedded System Engineer, at Silix co., Part-time
    I am currently consulting the R&D section of company about smart home products
  • Apr 2015 – Mar 2018
    Research & Development Design Engineer, at Silix, Part-time
    Silix is a small company which started to create smart home products. I was co-founder and head of R&D for over 3 years. The company was active in home automation products, with small-size, affordable price and connectivity to more than 500 standard market smart home gadgets.

    • Home automation using wired and wireless technology
    • Base system and agents for controlling/monitoring
    • LoRA, ZigBEE, proprietary RF, WLAN, IR interface, Media Player
    • Linux base system with server apps using flask, js front-end
    • Mobile app, web UI
    • Over 10 successful installation on Smart Home and Smart Garden
  • Apr 2016 – Aug 2018
    Senior hardware design and implementation, PCB, and firmware developer, at Eshtad Pars, Freelance
    It was a project for receiving satellite DVB signals and track them. The system should be designed to not lose the signal quality. It serves multiple 3-dimensional motor-control algorithms to do the job. With the help of signal strength feedback and IMU sensors the system reached the 0.1-degree resolution accuracy and 0.05 degree/sec speed in each rotational axis.

    System includes:

    • Designed in 6-layer PCB
    • Hardware contains Cortex-M7 CPU and Spartan 6 FPGA
    • 4×16-bit DAC, isolated I/O and supply domains
    • high accuracy tilt and IMU sensors, 10 DOF system
    • 3 dimension Motor Encoder (Yaw/Pitch/Roll)
    • A second version based on 12-layer board for ZYNQ and DDR3 3-dimensional motor control system

After graduating in 2009 with a Master’s Degree in Electronics Engineering (Integrated Circuit Design), I spent the last ten years working both as a freelance hardware designer and as part of a team in various companies.